SafeAirTM 260-CO carbon monoxide (CO) detector

SafeAirTM 260-CO carbon monoxide (CO) detector

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SafeAirTM 260-CO carbon monoxide (CO) detector, UL, Interlogix Interlogix SafeAir 260-CO Carbon Monoxide Detector

Standard Features

• 10-year end-of-life signal
• SafeTest™ feature — functional test with spray of real CO gas
• Advanced electro-chemical sensing technology
• Wiring option activates sounders of all connected detectors when any one of them goes into alarm
• Deep housing with plenty of room for wiring • UL 2075 compliant
• Transmits sensor end-of-life to the supervising panel and central station if the system is monitored
• CO sensitivity conforms to UL 2034 requirements
• Built-in trouble/power supervision relay
• Self-diagnostics keep the device operating optimally throughout its service life
• 12 or 24VDC operation and 150mA Form C relay
• Large SEMS terminals ease wiring installation 14 to 22 AWG
• One-touch TEST/HUSH button simplifies local operation
• Integrated 85 dBa temporal-4 sounder for local notification
• On-board LED provides local alarm and trouble indication
• Inconspicuous footprint and attractively contoured design
• Adapter plate simplifies replacing ESL 240-COe detectors

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