Black Power Cord C20 Plug to C19 Connector 1.8m 20A 250V 12/3 SJT

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Power Cord IEC 60320 C20 Plug to C19 Connector 6 Feet (180cm) 20a/250v 12/3 SJT, UL/cUL, Sony Green Partner

Voltage 250 Volts
Amperage 20 Amps
Male Plug IEC60320 C20
Female Connector IEC60320 C19
~ Length 1.8 meters
Gauge 12 AWG
Conductors 3 Wire
Conductor Color Code Black, White, and Green | North American Color Code (NACC)
~ Outside Diameter 11.0 - 11.4 mm
Packaging Loose and bundled.
Jacket SJT
Jacket Material PVC
Jacket Temp. Rating 105° C
Color Black
Testing Each cord is tested for dielectric voltage-withstand (Hi-Pot), polarization and continuity.
Certifications UL/cUL, Sony Green Partner

Technical Notes

Manufactured under ISO14001:2004 and ISO9001:2008 certified management systems.

Jumper cord commonly used between a high-end PDU and server in a data rack or cabinet. In data environments keep length of cords to a minimum to avoid contact with ethernet cables, improve air flow, and to save money by reducing the power lost over longer cords.

For this type of IEC 60320 receptacle 12 gauge cord yields the max amperage for this cord up to 50 feet.

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